Bulldozer Operator Training

This Dozer course covers a wide range of topics for a wide range of bulldozers. History, safety, operator maintenance and efficient operating techniques are some of these topics and they apply to small landscaping dozers, up to the largest dozers such as the TD25.

Some specific areas that are covered in this course include:

. Safety gear
. Hand signals
. Track adjustment
. Guards
. Ripper controls
. Rollers and tracks
. Track adjustment
. Sediment drains
. Attachments
. Operating in mud
. Heavy loads
. Slot dozing
. Downhill pushing
. Scraper pushing
. Blade position
. Pushing near stakes

The course is designed to be self driven by the student and may be taken all at once, or over a length of time. The lesson length varies by course and student but range between 15 and 20 hours of instruction.

Upon completion of the lesson, the student takes the final exam which has a one hour time limit and has a certify mark of 75%.

Sample screenshot from the Bulldozer course: