Crane Operator Training

This program covers all types of cranes; truck mounted, tower, gantry, overhead, telescopic and gantry to name a few. History, general safety, crane specific safety, operator maintenance, machine operation and tips for the operator are all sections that the lesson covers.

This course is suitable for any crane operator who wishes to refresh his or her skills, learn the newest operating techniques or even those who are looking for an introduction to cranes.

Some specific areas that are covered in this course include:

. Safe ground conditions
. Inspections
. Outrigger valves and cylinders
. Grade parking
. Power lines
. Hydraulic failures
. Pinch points
. Limiting devices
. Shackles
. Crane types
. Tipping signs
. Center of gravity
. Blocking
. Capacity factors
. Hoist line
. Reeving
. Wind and lightning
. Hand signals
. Load charts basics
. Understanding rigging

The course is designed to be self driven by the student and may be taken all at once, or over a length of time. The lesson length varies by course and student but range between 15 and 20 hours of instruction.

Upon completion of the lesson, the student takes the final exam which has a one hour time limit and has a certify mark of 75%.

Sample screenshot from the Crane course: