Excavator Operator Training

Whether you are digging trenches and foundations or loading trucks, this course covers excavators from the mini to mass classes. You will discover the useful ideas and key techniques used by many successful operators in the construction industry. We offer tips that will immediately and dramatically improve the productivity and workplace safety...

It is very easy to improve efficiency, productivity, and workplace safety to the point where it could save thousands of dollars on a single construction site alone. While OSHA does a great deal to provide businesses with the necessary information and resources in order to comply with the safety regulations, they expect companies and individuals to do their part as well. We can help.

Some specific area's that are covered in this course include:

. safety
. checking the track
. walk around inspection
. levers, pedels, joysticks and hydrostatic controls
. the work cycle
. breakout force
. digging patterns
. digging in rocky or frozen ground
. working in water
. productions while digging
. lifting work
. escaping from mud
. maintenance prevention
. prohibited operations when digging
. traveling / working on hills & grades

The course is designed to be self driven by the student and may be taken all at once, or over a length of time. The lesson length varies by course and student but range between 15 and 20 hours of instruction.

Upon completion of the lesson, the student takes the final exam which has a one hour time limit and has a certify mark of 75%.

Sample screenshots from the Excavator course: