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Heavy Equipment Training
Now available online.

ek pass is proud to present
a new web-based operator
training service designed to
meet the requirements of both
corporate and individual clients.

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Looking to get your foot in the door? Want to stand out from other operators? Some training schools charge many thousands of dollars to enroll. We have a great deal of experience working with many international companies in the mining, quarry, railroad and construction industries as well as military and municipal sectors. As a result we are able to use our knowledge base to create informative and effective Web Based Training (WBT) programs.

Even the experienced operator has something to learn. Are you checking all the points during your walk around inspections? Is your technique as efficient as it can be? Through our established experience, research and development of easy to learn courses, we have the ability to pass onto you tried, tested and true techniques that can bring your production to a whole new level.

There are many different learning styles and everyone has their own pace. Our WBT utilizes self-guided and interactive course content which incorporates many learning techniques. You will work at your own pace, although the exams have time limits.

Our courses can be accessed from around the world through an internet connection, at any time. Immediate feedback on your results are then provided.

Once certified, companies can see your initiative to obtain training on your own instead of on their time and money. A prospective employer can see that you have sound knowledge of equipment fundamentals and won’t have to learn the basics by making the mistakes first.

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