If our custom, onsite operator training does not fit your organization you can consider enrolling your employees in our online training. We have worked with many international companies in the mining, quarry, railroad and construction industries as well as military and municipal sectors. Drawing from our established experience and vast library of resources, we have condensed that knowledge into effective Web Based Training (WBT) programs.

Our courses will provide consistency in terms of quality and information to all of your operators and adds standardization when training occurs in several locations simultaneously.

The courses can match the trainee’s schedule and reach them outside the traditional classroom. Your operators can get their training on the job or they can access the training from home.

There are many different learning styles and everyone has their own pace. Our WBT utilizes self-guided and interactive course content which incorporates many learning techniques. Trainees work at their own pace, although the exams have time limits.

If desired, we can come to your location and perform a practical skills evaluation, course and/or exam after an operator has completed the theory online.

We work to improve your bottom line through decreased incidents, longer equipment life, and productive operators. Our program design effectively boosts your productivity and profitability.

All too often companies decide to conduct training after the fatal fact. Don’t be one of those companies that waits for an ‘excuse’ to initiate a training policy.

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